Cognitive Aptitude

Criteria Attention Skills Test (CAST)


  • Mental fitness
  • Concentration
  • Attention and Focus
score report for CAST

About the CAST

The Criteria Attention Skills Test evaluates concentration and mental fitness. It’s designed to assess a candidate’s distractibility, ability to maintain focus, and avoid distractions. The CAST uses an interactive format where candidates complete multiple rounds of activities to test multi-tasking and vigilance. The assessment is completed in about 10 minutes.

Your Attention Please

Measure your candidates concentration and ability to multi-task and sustain focus while avoiding distractions. The CAST uses an interactive format and is suitable for a wide range of roles. This test is a brief, interactive assessment of mental fitness, concentration and focused attention. Because of its ability to measure concentration skills, the CAST helps predict employee success in a wide variety of positions across any industry.

Test Ability to Multi-Task

The Divided Attention task measures a person’s ability to “multi-task” or concentrate on two or more things simultaneously. Almost every job requires this ability to some extent.

Test Vigilance

The Selective Attention or Vigilance task measures a person’s ability to maintain concentration on a task for a sustained period of time.

Test Distractibility

The Selective Attention or Filtering task measures an individual’s ability to focus on important information and ignore irrelevant distractions. Together with the Vigilance Task, Filtering provides an indication of the test subject’s selective attention, the ability to sustain concentration and ignore distractions – a characteristic important to job performance in a wide variety of jobs.

Test Reaction Time

The Perceptual Reaction Time task measures one of the most basic cognitive processes: perceptual reaction time, or the speed at which a person recognises and responds to a stimulus.

Useful and Immediate Report Data

Access powerful information, delivered in a practical way. The CAST report is designed for easy interpretation by hiring managers, and provides powerful insight into each candidate’s ability to focus and block out distractions.

  • Raw Score: indicating the number of questions answered correctly.

  • Sub Scores: indicating the candidate’s specific results in Divided Attention, Selective Attention/Vigilance, Selective Attention/Filtering, and Perceptual Reaction Time

Test results are available as soon as the candidate has completed their assessment.

Robust Validation

CAST is a sub-set of a test originally conceived to measure the mental fitness of NASA astronauts, and has been redesigned and adapted for use as a pre-employment assessment. Originally developed by Harvard psychologists, the CAST has been extensively validated, demonstrating that the test correlates significantly with job performance for a variety of roles that require a high level of sustained attention and focus.