• Level of competency potential for your organization’s specific roles
  • Workplace behaviours, traits and styles
Illustrait Information

About lllustrait™

Receive a targeted, accurate picture of each candidate’s competency potential for your organisation’s roles. Illustrait gives you a fast, highly targeted, work-relevant way to identify candidates with the competency potential required for success in the roles you recruit for. It’s a next-generation, intelligent assessment that focuses only on the workplace behaviors required for a specific job, so your candidates can easily understand its relevance and complete it more quickly. It takes approximately 10 minutes or less to complete.

A highly job-relevant and targeted assessment

Once you choose the job or competencies you need to assess, Illustrait only streams questions related to performance on that job. This means candidates don’t spend time answering general questions about their personality preferences or likes and dislikes: their time is spent answering questions that are clearly work-relevant and applicable to the job they’ve applied for.

Get recommended competencies for 900+ unique O*NET jobs

When you create a job, our system can recommend the competencies linked to success in that role, using a specialist mapping of the task requirements for over 900 jobs in the US Department of Labour’s O*NET database. Alternatively, if you’d like to select your own competencies to address your specific role or capability requirements, you can choose from our library of over 38 unique competencies.

A more intelligent assessment

Illustrait is underpinned by the latest psychometric methods and scoring; it intelligently adjusts each question that is streamed to a candidate, based on their previous responses. This is also known as Computer Adaptive Testing. As a result, it accurately pinpoints behaviours and competencies using fewer questions than a more traditional assessment. In addition, Illustrait offers advanced recognition of overly positive or inconsistent response patterns.

Offer a better experience to candidates

Candidates don’t want to waste their time answering questions that don’t seem related to the job they’ve applied for. With Illustrait, it’s clear that each question is highly job-relevant, and the adaptive nature of the assessment means they can complete it more quickly than traditional assessments. If you choose, they can also receive feedback that outlines their workplace behaviours and strengths, with tips for enhancing their performance at work.

Get targeted, practical candidate insights

The Illustrait score report is designed to be useful for any audience, from your talent acquisition team to individual hiring managers. Written in clear, concise and pragmatic language, it gives recipients an indicator of each candidate’s overall competency potential, the behaviours you can expect them to exhibit at work in terms of each competency, and a list of targeted interview questions to help you understand their behaviour more effectively.

You can also choose to generate a Work Styles report for each candidate, which is useful for onboarding, team development, and any context that requires a common understanding of team members using a universal framework. It includes insights about each candidate’s work style, the roles they play at work, how they approach and interact at work and suggestions for successful onboarding if you hire the candidate.