Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA)


  • Candidate work preferences
  • Alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and what the organisation provides
sample score report

About the WAA

The Workplace Alignment Assessment measures organisational fit. It helps you identify candidates whose work preferences align with the environment your organisation provides. You can predict organisational commitment which results in increased engagement, commitment and tenure. The WAA is an untimed assessment that takes about 10 minutes and tasks candidates with ranking 20 key work factors in order of importance.

How Valuable is Workplace Alignment?

The ideal candidate isn’t just someone who will excel at their work tasks. You want someone who will provide a long-term solution for your organisation.

Finding the Perfect Fit

As you know, employee turnover is a logistical pain point experienced throughout the business world.

But how can hiring managers build a team of people who are keen to play the long game? And how can HR professionals predict if a promising candidate is likely to become a committed and loyal employee? This is where the Workplace Alignment Assessment comes in.

Our assessment provides you with valuable insight into which aspects of their ideal work environment your candidates value the most. When you compare this with the environment your organisation provides, you can quickly determine who will be a great (and potentially long-lasting) fit for your team.

Improve Engagement and Satisfaction

Help predict whether a candidate is likely to stick around.

Hiring candidates whose most important work factors are aligned with your organisation’s environment can improve productivity, increase employee retention and decrease voluntary turnover. And that’s only the beginning. Beyond staying with your organisation for longer and committing more to their work, an employee whose needs are met by your organisation is also more likely to:

  • Support your business objectives

  • Speak positively about your company, both internally and externally

  • Proactively assist their colleagues with tasks

  • Experience less stress at work

Identify Candidates Who Are More Likely To Be Committed and Satisfied

The Workplace Alignment Assessment is designed to compare a candidate’s most important work factors with the environment an organisation provides to its employees. The first step is to complete a profile of the work factors for a specific role or department. After that, the candidate completes the assessment by ranking a set of 20 work factors in order of most important to least important. We then calculate the degree of match between the two. Candidates with higher levels of match or alignment are more likely to be committed to the organisation.

"Employees who scored ‘Above Average’ on the WAA received 17% higher performance ratings, were employed 31% longer and were 5 times more likely to be promoted."

The WAA score report displays an individual’s percentile ranking for their overall degree of alignment with your organisation, which indicates how committed and satisfied the candidate is likely to be in the role.

It also gives you a breakdown of the alignment across each of the 20 work factors to help you understand areas of strong compatibility and potential misalignment and provides suggested interview questions so you can explore these areas further during the hiring process.

Simple, Useful Score Reports

You’ll receive a report for each candidate that outlines their overall match score, with a detailed breakdown of the degree of match across each of the 20 work factors, and the kinds of behaviours the candidate is likely to exhibit based on their scores.

Recommended Interview Questions

The report also includes recommended interview questions to help guide a discussion with the candidate, and investigate any areas of potential misalignment.