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Risk assessments help organisations hire safe and trustworthy candidates who prioritise safety and reliability. 

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About Risk Tests

Being confident in the integrity of your team – including their willingness to follow rules and be a conscientious, productive, and reliable employee – has never been more important. And it’s especially critical for roles that require handling money, stock, or confidential information.

The Workplace Productivity Profile helps you to understand your candidates, particularly whether they are likely to behave reliably, be trustworthy, follow rules, and abstain from counterproductive behaviours such as theft, fraud and absenteeism (taking sick days when they’re not really sick).

On a related note, extensive research shows that despite the money, time and effort we put into ensuring a safe workplace with training, risk mitigation and safe workplace design, some people are more likely to take risks and indulge in unsafe work behaviour than others.

The Workplace Safety Profile allows you to understand the safety attitudes and beliefs of your candidates before you make a hire, arming you with the information you need to make more effective hires.

Feel assured that the people you’re hiring are safe, honest, and responsible by understanding candidate integrity and safety attitudes from the start of your hiring process.  

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Leading Transportation and Logistics Company Reduces Workplace Accidents

 A world leader in the freight transport businesses used the Workplace Safety Profile (WSP) to drive down the number accidents and their associated costs, finding that candidates who were identified as “High Risk” by the test experienced up to 3.5x more serious injuries than "Low Risk" candidates.


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