Skills Tests

Skills tests measure basic competencies typically associated with essential work activities for a wide variety of jobs. Specific skills tests assess candidates for essential job competencies from the start, so you spend your time with knowledgeable candidates and reduce up-skilling costs.

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About Skills Tests

Assess fundamental work skills by testing for basic job-readiness and trainability, computer literacy, and software proficiency before you hire. By evaluating core job skills up front, you’ll streamline your recruitment process by identifying skilled candidates quickly and save time and training costs in the long run.

Most jobs – especially entry-level roles such as customer service, administration, sales assistants – require basic maths, spelling, and reasoning skills. Our assessments help you to identify candidates who possess these skills and are also more likely to learn and apply information on the job. You can also assess basic computer skills like internet searching and email, typing and data entry, and the most commonly used Microsoft Office programs.

Be confident in your candidates’ abilities. Our skills tests assess basic proficiency and help you identify candidates who have the required skill level to perform effectively in jobs that require them to use those skills regularly.

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painPRO Therapeutics slashes time to hire by 94%

By adding multiple skills tests in combination with a personality assessment, painPRO saved both time and money when staffing its network of healthcare clinics.


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