Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test (CLIK)


  • Basic computer literacy
score report for CLIK

About the CLIK

The Computer Literacy & Internet Knowledge test measures essential internet and computing skills. Use the CLIK to assess how well candidates can use internet browsers and common desktop, chat and email programs. This task-based assessment is untimed and takes on average 13 minutes to complete the three simulations and 10 multi-choice questions.

Need Candidates Who Are Computer Literate?

This assessment offers an easy way to identify candidates who have a solid understanding of essential computer skills. The CLIK is suitable for a wide range of entry-level roles, as many jobs require basic computer skills. The Computer Literacy & Internet Knowledge gives you a fast and easy way to identify candidates who can successfully navigate common internet browsers and understand how to use email, chat and word processing programs. These skills are essential for administrative, data entry, customer service and reception roles.

Useful and Immediate Report Data

The CLIK report is designed for easy interpretation by hiring managers and gives you a quick overview of each candidate’s level of proficiency. Reports include:

  • Overall proficiency: ranging from Highly Proficient to Not Proficient

  • Raw score: number of correct questions

  • Itemised Q&A: every question is shown, along with whether the candidate answered it correctly

You’ll receive each candidate’s test results as soon as they complete their assessment.

Robust Validation

We’ve validated the CLIK extensively across a broad range of roles requiring basic computer literacy and have identified high correlations with CLIK scores and subsequent job performance. For example, a large employer found that results on the CLIK were strongly linked (with a correlation of .50) with manager ratings of job performance for clerical and administrative employees.

Job Performance by CLIK Rating