About TestMaker

Sometimes you need to evaluate a specific, critical skill during your hiring process. TestMaker accommodates this by allowing you to build your own tests. Now you can evaluate candidates on industry-specific knowledge essential to the role without much hassle. By creating your own tests, you can focus on assessing the skills your candidates need to succeed.

TestMaker can also be used for post-hire assessment. Build tests to track training impact, evaluate training progress and understanding, and even survey your team. You can use TestMaker to conduct polls and gain employee feedback.

Create Your Own Assessments

TestMaker is a unique test authoring tool enabling you to create, edit, and deliver your own tests via the Criteria platform. This flexible tool makes it easy to create custom tests and administer to candidates during the recruitment process. It can also be used to survey existing team members and employees with engagement surveys, 360 reviews, polls and more.

Assess Specific Subject Matter

Test candidates on knowledge specific to your industry or organisation. TestMaker is ideal in situations where you need your candidates to possess specific knowledge relevant to your industry or company. TestMaker allows you to create custom tests that evaluate a candidate’s competency for specific skillsets.

We recommend using TestMaker for tests that evaluate acquired skills that are easier to objectively assess. This includes skills like coding or proficiency with important software, from AutoCAD to Adobe Creative Suite.  It’s the perfect complement to validated psychometric testing to assess cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, personality traits, or risk propensity.

Survey Your Team

Create employee engagement surveys, 360-degree reviews, requests for feedback, team polls and more. TestMaker’s survey-creation tool makes it easy to receive feedback from your employees.

Enhance Training Impact

TestMaker can help you to evaluate the impact of training or on-boarding, with customised tests to evaluate each employee’s understanding of the training material and how it’s delivered. It’s invaluable knowledge to understand whether your training programme has the impact you need, and helps objectively inform any adjustments that may be required.

TestMaker Features

  • Analytics for each of your custom tests
  • Timed or untimed tests
  • Question randomisation
  • Ability to add images to your questions

TestMaker Question Types

  • Multiple choice
  • True/false
  • Yes/no
  • Open ended
  • Check all that apply