A positive candidate experience is critical

Historically, the employer's hiring experience has been the focus of most talent companies. We often consider the recruitment process only from the organisation's perspective, testing whether an applicant measures up to the position. But recently, the value of the candidate's hiring experience has taken over. After all, applicants also size up organisations against their own workplace standards. Did you know that 68% of applicants believe their candidate experience directly reflects how the company will treat them as an employee? 

Your candidate experience counts, and it can mean the difference between hiring top talent and getting rejected by your strongest candidates. And for most of your applicants, your hiring process is their first encounter with your organisation. Don’t let it be the last.


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Every candidate matters

The candidate experience is not only the experience of the person choosing to join your team, but also for everyone who applies – whether you hire them or not. It’s important to recognise that each candidate sees this is a one-on-one interaction with your organisation. Focusing on a positive candidate experience helps to validate them as a person with feelings and aspirations, and not just a number in a sea of resumes.

It all comes down to ensuring your candidates walk out of the application process feeling respected, fairly considered, and as though their time was valued. Their experience is a cumulation of every stage of the process.


There's a lot on the line

A positive candidate experience makes:

  • candidates 38% more likely to accept your job offer
  • candidates (hired or not) 90% more likely to refer others to your future openings
  • happier and more engaged employees, improving productivity by 40%

A negative candidate experience results in frustrated candidates who:

  • avoid the company as a consumer in future
  • share their negative experiences with other potential candidates via word-of-mouth, social media, and review sites, draining your future hiring pool
  • believe the poor experience is reflective of how you operate as an employer.

Recruiters hire one in 250 applicants, so that leaves 249 frustrated candidates with an unflattering and potentially false perception of your organisation.


Evaluating your current process

Maybe you're thinking your hiring process is perfectly fine. But let's be honest. When was the last time you re-evaluated your hiring pipeline? Or went through the application process yourself?

Currently, only one in four candidates report a positive candidate experience, so 75% of experiences fall short. By the numbers, chances are your hiring process could use some candidate-focused improvement. That’s where Criteria steps in to help.


Creating a positive experience at every stage


Be transparent about how long the application will take and send them an automated confirmation email after they’ve submitted. Small details like these put the candidate at ease and show your organisation values good communication.

Communicating with potentially hundreds or thousands of applicants can be time-consuming, so we have templated and personalised responses built into the Criteria platform. This functionality enables you to communicate with all your candidates instantly.



Candidates can often sense when they haven’t been given a fair shot, and this sours their impression of your organisation. All recruiters experience implicit bias (human error is inevitable, after all) but our pre-employment assessments mitigate that error by assessing candidate capabilities without being influenced by their background or history. In a survey we conducted with over 4 million test takers, they reported a 96% candidate satisfaction rate.

We helped Janico significantly reduce their turnover rate and the length of the hiring process by providing them with a combination of mobile-friendly assessments: Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP), Employee Personality Profile (EPP), and Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST).

Not only do these game-based assessments even the playing field and speed up the recruiter’s process, but these assessments turn the tedious hiring process into an enjoyable and engaging experience for the candidate.

A multinational tech company enlisted our help to modernise its employer brand. They used our award-winning game-based assessment Cognify to engage their applicants. 60% of their candidates felt their perception of the organisation was positively influenced by the assessment.

We offer a range of game-based assessments for every role level.

  • General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME) is perfect for entry level roles, testing critical thinking and attention to detail.
  • UCognify is multi-lingual and language-independent, so you can include candidates across a multitude of languages and locations.
  • Emotify tests a candidate’s capacity to understand, perceive and manage emotions.

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Interviews give insight into candidate confidence, capability, and performance. But the interview experience also says a lot about your organisation, too.

Demonstrate communication skills by giving notice for the interview, providing information about your office, and making candidates feel comfortable asking questions. Be professional and punctual, showing you respect their time and effort.

Often, interviews are limiting, both in their accessibility and because they can misrepresent the strength of candidates. This is particularly true for candidates who are far away, have limited schedule availability, or are neurodiverse.

Our Video Interviewing (VI) platform gives candidates the time and ability to put their best foot forward. Our flexible video solution can be modified to allow extra time and the ability to rerecord responses as needed. It lets candidates use their own devices, so they can record anytime, and in any environment where they feel comfortable. Learn more about Criteria’s video interviewing platform today.


Offer and rejection

Time is of the essence when it comes to notifying your candidates of your decision. Whether they’ve been selected or rejected, they want information as quickly as possible, because they’re likely to be applying at other organisations in tandem with yours. Contact your candidates as soon as you’ve made a decision, and don’t ghost unselected applicants.


During the hiring process, you’re representing your brand every step of the way with both internal and external stakeholders, and your employer brand is on full display with your candidates. Go the extra mile to give your candidates an experience they’ll remember for the right reasons.

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