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Whether you have 22 or 22,000 employees, every business operates better when everyone works as a team. But teams aren’t a monolith – they’re comprised of individuals who have their own goals and preferred ways of working.

Teams work best when the people that make up the team bring out the best in each other and complement one another’s strengths. Creating a cohesive team that performs well on a consistent basis has measurable impacts on the success of your enterprise. And fortunately, great teamwork doesn’t just come down to luck and chemistry.

Use pre-hire assessments to build teams who collaborate and work well together, improving your hiring efficiency and overall organisational productivity.

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What makes a strong team?

Defining what makes a great working team is largely subjective. Different workplaces value different factors about their workforce teams. The key is recognising what you value most in team performance.

Once you’ve identified those key traits, you can measure potential team members against those criteria. Assessments are a reliable way to determine which candidates are likely to work well on your team.

Assessments that evaluate emotional intelligence, collaborative skills, personality, and cultural alignment will help you determine how employees and potential hires will perform best in your work environment.


Tools for elevating team performance

Criteria boasts a range of specific tools designed to help establish and measure team attributes. Let’s take a look at some Criteria assessments best suited to help you build highly functional teams.



Emotify measures emotional intelligence, also known as EI. Emotify provides reliable information on how well a team member will perceive, respond to, and react to specific situations. Candidates with high emotional intelligence have great leadership skills, cooperate well with others, and drive team-wide productivity.

Criteria partnered with JVR psychometrics to understand the relationship between emotional intelligence and team performance. This exercise uncovered that employees who scored well on Emotify shared key traits that directly impacted performance. People who scored high on Emotify were:

  • 23% more likely to display acts of kindness towards coworkers
  • 20% more likely to react appropriately to a crisis
  • 18% more likely to maintain composure under pressure
  • 18% more likely to be open to others’ views.

You can read the full case study here.


Employee Personality Profile (EPP)

Criteria’s EPP measures different parts of a candidate’s personality that are directly related to workplace performance. Their responses are then compared to traits needed for success in different roles. The EPP measures 12 personality traits and provides position-specific benchmarks.

Our client, a national tutoring services company, used the EPP to evaluate the level of performance of a number of their branch managers. After reviewing the results, the study showed 98% of the managers whose personality matched well with their role became average or above average employees. For those who didn’t score highly, the hiring success rate fell to 63%. Review the full case study here.


Talent Insights

Talent Insights is a Criteria feature that allows you to build and manage productive teams by providing highlighting key team dynamics. With Talent Insights, you can see how a prospective new hire will fit onto an existing team, understand a team’s strengths and weaknesses, and discover the most effective way to lead them.

Talent Insights gives valuable information at the individual level, boosting employee self-awareness and helping managers understand the most effective way to communicate with them. It also enables you to better understand how your team works together so you can improve overall performance and find people who will work well on your team.


To improve the level of your organisation’s performance, look beyond the individual talents and think about how to build strong teams. Assessments can help you make sure your team works positively, collaboratively, and productively.

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