Case Studies Fleetcare Future-Proof with Criteria's Emotify

Fleetcare is Australia’s largest independent fleet management and leasing organisation. It is Australian owned with more than 42,000 vehicles under management. It has major contracts across Australia and was recently awarded sole supplier to the Western Australian Government.

Working with us, Fleetcare has been able to identify, hire and retain the right people for the right roles at the right time across Australia.

Recruiting a modern, adaptable workforce is no easy feat, but can be assisted by innovative candidate assessment technology. Resumes alone are no longer suitable to provide key insights into the skills and abilities of a 21st Century candidate. Therefore, Fleetcare is utilising talent acquisition innovation and science-based assessments to ensure their recruitment process has a high success rate.

“Fleetcare combine the best of a corporate organisation with a family feel. We welcome people with different skills sets, experience and behavioural styles but cultural fit is also a key factor in our acquisition process. We are looking for people who want to grow with us, learn, collaborate across the business and celebrate successes along the way,” Maria Moraitis, General Manager People, Performance and Culture of Fleetcare said.

In 2013, Fleetcare engaged us to gain deeper insights into candidates and their suitability for roles within the organisation. Our digital candidate assessments allow Fleetcare to review behavioural, cognitive and emotional factors that lead to candidate success and long-term employee engagement. This in turn helped to create a cohesive work culture at Fleetcare that embodies their core values of integrity, respect, customer focus, accountability and excellence.

When we launched our gamified assessment platform, Cognify and Emotify in 2018, Fleetcare were quick to implement the new testing assessments to create a 365-degree view of candidate suitability.

The gamified testing has had a positive impact on Fleetcare’s brand perception amongst candidates in the market, providing prospective employees with insight into the innovative culture of Fleetcare. In turn, the results of the testing platform give insight into how Fleetcare can best support each individual to succeed in their role.

Fleetcare has also used the assessments to assist in productivity in the workplace. Tasks can be reviewed in relation to an employee against their skill testing results and where necessary, adjust the tasks to fit the person. Having the results readily available also assist in improving output and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

“When issues arise, we often reflect back on the profile and information gathered to get a deeper understanding of the individual and how we can assist and support as well as being a great tool for learning and development,” Maria said.

Speaking about the data provided from the assessment Maria said “These assessments help us to benchmark the skills, experience, capabilities and cultural alignment of candidates against other similar candidates both in the organisation and nationally across the industry. In addition, as we moved to align with the World Economic Forum’s insights into the skills of the future, we are looking for candidates with critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and emotional intelligence skills. These skills are identified through these various gamified and skills-based assessment”.

“The move to using gamified assessments in 2018, following years of using the standard assessments, was piloted within the organisation with employees across the various age ranges, gender, roles and experience who had completed the standard assessment in the previous 12 months. We received feedback from the employees, with 100% preferring the gamified version” Maria explained.

Chief Information Officer, Mark Emsley of Fleetcare says “Gamified testing gave a much deeper insight into the candidates through the large data sets it collects during the assessment process, whilst making it interesting and engaging for the employee.”

Mark expressed his excitement about the future of recruitment technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and using big data in talent acquisition, performance improvement and identification of future leaders in the organisation. “We are working to move to their next generation platform which enables us to analyse companywide profiles, team fit and leadership capability” he said.

These deeper assessments have allowed Fleetcare to make better hiring decisions when coupled with formal interviews. Fleetcare’s journey doesn’t stop there, they are now moving towards exploring video interviewing using AI that will provide more even more specific candidate information. These interviews can be assessed not only by the responses but also through analysis of what the candidate says, how they say it and what they do while saying it.

With more options available to candidates like online worksites and working remotely, it’s important for Fleetcare to maintain a great work culture to ensure the high standard of applicants and employees is consistently maintained. Utilising our new technology will continue to unlock candidate and employee potential for Fleetcare in the future.





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