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Use the latest assessment technology to create a better candidate experience with fun, fast, and accurate assessments. Learn the best practices for graduate recruitment and access expert insight whenever you need it. 

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Engage with candidates 

Innovative game-based assessments and a slick candidate experience position you as an employer of choice.

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Highlight potential and reduce bias

Criteria's extensively validated and innovative assessments increase fairness and objectivity in the recruitment process.

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Improve business outcomes at scale

Our dedicated team will work with your to move the needle on critical metrics like offer acceptance, post-hire performance, and retention.

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Cutting-Edge Assessments Candidates Enjoy

We’ve combined the reliability of predictive psychometric assessments with the latest advancements in game design to create a truly engaging experience that modern job candidates enjoy.

Candidates love our game-based assessments and personalised feedback reports. Our game-based assessments Cognify, Emotify, and GAME create a positive experience that is underpinned by trusted psychometric science. We know how to build tools that assess job-relevant traits effectively. You can be confident that you’re leveraging well-researched, validated, and trusted science to identify which graduates will be your future top performers while simultaneously creating a top-notch candidate experience.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our team of experienced Consulting Psychologists and Customer Success Professionals will provide the support and expertise you need to make every graduate intake a winner. We’re here to support your success: from assessment selection and recruitment process design advice, to tailored training sessions and stakeholder workshops, right through to identifying role and industry specific score range recommendations. Together, we can achieve your graduate recruitment goals.

We’ll guide you on the best use of our advanced assessment delivery and candidate management platform. Or if you’d prefer to integrate our assessments via your ATS, a dedicated ATS Integration Manager can be included on your support team to assist smooth and efficient ATS integrations if needed.

Move the Needle on Business-Critical Metrics

An effective graduate recruitment strategy will streamline your recruitment process and improve business outcomes. Introducing assessments into a previously manual and time-consuming recruitment process will improve your efficiency. Including testing has a significant impact on time spent reviewing resumes, interview to hire ratios, offer acceptance rates, and along with other vital metrics.

It’s also highly likely that using assessments to identify high potential employees will bring about improvements in outcomes such as productivity and performance, satisfaction and commitment, retention, diversity and onboarding effectiveness. We’ll work with you to identify your critical metrics and outcomes from the beginning and continuously collect supporting information throughout the recruitment cycle to help you prove the value of assessments to your organisation as a whole.

Mitigate Bias and Increase Diversity

Traditional hiring methods, like reviewing resumes or unstructured interviews, can introduce bias into your graduate recruitment process. Most recent and upcoming graduates have limited work history, these traditional methods often fail to accurately assess a candidate's full talent and potential. Minimise bias with Criteria's assessments and give candidates with any background a chance to shine. By focusing on objective qualities that more accurately predict job performance, you'll find diamonds in the rough that can grow with your organisation over time to become the leaders of your tomorrow.

Mobile-first technology means that candidates can take the assessments anywhere at any time, widening your applicant pool and leveling the playing field. When you evaluate candidates fairly, consistently, and objectively, you'll be able easily identify a diverse set of candidates with strong potential to succeed.


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