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Deliver fast, intuitive candidate assessments

Make better talent decisions with the Criteria assessment platform. We've build our system with a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use, to enable you to quickly assess candidates and view their results as soon as they complete.

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Test candidates anywhere, anytime

Test candidates quickly and efficiently

Test candidates quickly and efficiently

Collect online applications or add candidates to the platform and invite them to complete testing in a few simple clicks.

Tests for any industry and position Our customers use our platform to hire across just about every industry and job type. HireSelect recommends the right tests for you by pulling from a database of over 1,100 job types.

Suitable for all industries and positions

Our tests are relevant for virtually any industry and job. We also provide assessment recommendations for over 1,100 different roles.

Test as much as you need

Straightforward subscription pricing

Enjoy predictable costs and more efficient hiring with simple subscription pricing.

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems

Already use an ATS or HRIS platform? We make it easy to add assessments into your process and offer streamlined integrations with major providers.

Our Integrations

Get reliable candidate insights quickly

Get results immediately

View candidate results in the platform or receive reports via email as soon as candidates complete testing.

Imediate results feature

Straightforward, practical reports

Get actionable, powerful candidate insights with clear, concise reports that don't require a degree or hours of training to understand!


Simple score reports

Analyse and compare your candidates

Easily compare and rank candidates based on their assessment performance. You can also create your own custom score ranges to see how candidates compare to your current employees.

Compare candidates feature

Manage and communicate with candidates

Keep your candidates in the loop with regular emails and reminders. If you need sophisticated candidate management tools such as hiring pipelines, automated actions, notes and ratings, they're all available within the platform.


Manage candidates feature

Drill down into key metrics

Need to track your hiring metrics? Want to see what your candidates think of assessments? Our analytics feature helps you to optimise hiring with data-driven insights into important hiring data.

analytics feature

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Provide a top-notch candidate experience

Candidates can take the tests on any device

Flexible testing on any device

Candidates can complete assessments on whatever device they want to use: desktop, phone or tablet.


Our candidate support team is here to help

Fast, friendly candidate support

Our team is here to help your candidates if they need technical assistance, with phone, email and chat support.


Create a branded assessment experience

Promote your brand

Provide a more consistent, on-brand candidate experience with your own logo and branding styles.


A highly flexible system to suit your business needs

Whether you need to assess thousands of candidates each year, or simply want to avoid bad hires and introduce testing into your recruitment process, we can provide a solution that helps you to make better hires.


Organisations with 5-500 employees



Organisations with more than 500 employees


Criteria has the best array of tests out there, so it was a no-brainer to reach out to them when I moved companies.

Christopher Fort
Human Resources Manager at Blue River PetCare

Criteria is an essential component of our business. We wouldn't have such a quality talent pool without it.

Lex R. Brown II
VP of Operations & Business Development

There are so many aspects to the Criteria offering that are excellent. Unlimited testing is a requirement for us.

Chris Mattingly
Chief Operating Officer at Push Innovation Live