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Hire with confidence
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The most comprehensive portfolio of assessments

People are complex, which is why we believe the best way to understand your candidates is to assess them across multiple dimensions. Our science-backed portfolio of assessments span cognitive aptitude, emotional intelligence, personality, risk, and skills, helping you assess the attributes that matter to your success.


Choose assessments for over 1,100 job types

Choose assessments for any role

Our intuitive platform guides you through the process of selecting the right assessments based on the key skills and behaviours for the role.  Our broad range of assessments accurately measure and predict how a candidate will perform. Validated baselines also help you understand how your candidates scored compared to global norming groups, so you have the right information to make sound hiring decisions.

Insightful reports

Insightful reports

Access detailed insight into each candidate’s performance. Our reports are comprehensive, easy to interpret and provide powerful candidate insights to help you make informed talent decisions. They also provide suggestions for interview questions to address areas of potential concern.

Your Customer Success Manager is here to help

Expert guidance and support

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is there to help you get up and running quickly. We provide you with the guidance, support and training you need to hire effectively and efficiently. 


Fill your pipeline and make the best hire with any of our assessments

Unlimited Testing

Unlimited Testing

We offer unlimited testing across our broad assessment portfolio. Candidates can complete the assessments anywhere, at any time, and the results are available immediately.

Flat-Fee Pricing

Affordable, Predictable Pricing

Our subscriptions are designed with your needs in mind. And with predictable costs, you can test at any point in your recruitment process without worrying about going over budget.

Quick and Easy

Fast and Easy

Invite candidates to complete assessments in minutes. You’ll get predictive job performance insights in real-time, so you can make fast and effective hiring decisions.

Manage your candidates with ease

With our assessment platform, you can manage your entire pipeline with our candidate management features.

Pipeline Automation

Hire more efficiently. Create automations that move candidates to a certain stage of your hiring process and speed up time to hire.

Pipeline Automation feature

Customised Candidate Pipelines

Customise candidate pipelines to suit your recruitment procedures and hiring needs.

Customized Candidate Pipelines feature

Candidate Communications

Personalise your email communications to candidates within our platform and send notifications to remind candidates to complete their assessments.

Candidate Communications feature

Candidate Ratings

Evaluate your candidates across different dimensions and collaborate with other members of your hiring team to make the final decision.

Candidate Ratings feature

Applicant Sourcing

Understand where your candidates are coming from using applicant source links. Make more informed decisions about where to spend your sourcing dollars.

Applicant Sourcing feature

Custom TestMaker Tool

Our unique TestMaker tool makes it easy to create your own custom tests. This is valuable for evaluating industry-specific knowledge or for creating training questionnaires and internal surveys.

TestMaker feature

Criteria has the best array of tests out there, so it was a no-brainer to reach out to them when I moved companies.

Christopher Fort
Human Resources Manager at Blue River PetCare

Criteria is an essential component of our business. We wouldn't have such a quality talent pool without it.

Lex R. Brown II
VP of Operations & Business Development

There are so many aspects to the Criteria offering that are excellent. Unlimited testing is a requirement for us.

Chris Mattingly
Chief Operating Officer at Push Innovation Live