Cognitive Aptitude



  • Problem solving skills
  • Numerical reasoning
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About UCognify

UCognify is a language-independent cognitive ability assessment that evaluates a candidate’s problem solving and numerical reasoning skills. It’s an ideal assessment for international candidates as it does not test verbal ability, making it easily translatable and ideal for international students. UCognify uses the results from five mini-games to predict candidate job performance in an engaging environment. It takes about 25 minutes for a candidate to complete all five mini-games.

Enhance Your Intuition with Science

UCognify collects and processes thousands of pieces of data from each mini-game, revealing powerful insights that aren’t possible through traditional cognitive assessments. Instead of your candidates telling you their strengths and weaknesses, they can show you.

As a language-independent assessment, UCognify focuses on problem solving and numerical reasoning and does not assess verbal knowledge, making it ideal for international use.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report that shows how each candidate will respond to situations they’ll face on the job, giving you an accurate picture of who will succeed and contribute to your organisation.

The five mini-games provide a rich, immersive experience for candidates. Clean designs and flawless user experience combine to create games appropriate for any age, role and industry.

Independently Validated

Two major industry awards have confirmed the stringent research and development process of Cognify (the parent game of UCognify). The assessment won the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) 2016 in the Government/Industry category, and went on to represent the Australasian area in the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge.

Cognify was also awarded the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology, Workplace Excellence Award in October 2018. The assessment was evaluated on the basis of innovation in design and application, utilisation of psychological knowledge, organisational impact, sustainability, demonstration of thought leadership and using psychology to create new, different and novel organisational interventions.

Cognify Awards

Assess Candidate Ability

By using UCognify, you create a positive candidate experience that simultaneously applies the power of predictive assessments to your hiring process.

  • Discover how candidates solve problems without prior knowledge. Measuring fluid reasoning is key to predicting candidates’ ability to learn quickly and succeed in a role.

  • Measure how candidates comprehend quantitative and numerical concepts. Numerical reasoning is important for roles that regularly require working with numbers.

Robust Reporting

We process thousands of pieces of data into a simple but comprehensive report your people managers can easily understand and use.

Candidates are scored on different levels: an overall score across all games and abilities, scores for each ability—problem solving and numerical reasoning—and a score for each game.

You’ll be able to easily identify those with exceptional skills, efficiently narrowing your pool of candidates to those who will be more likely to succeed in your organisation.