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About Personality Assessments

Pre-employment personality tests help you find candidates who are in-sync with your organisation, measure organisational fit, and identify candidates whose work preferences align with the environment your organisation provides. Better alignment leads to increased engagement, commitment, and tenure.

While cognitive aptitude tests tell you if someone will learn quickly and be productive at work, personality assessments give you rich insight into how candidates will behave and interact with others. The results can also indicate the kind of work environment a candidate prefers, to work at their best. This makes personality tests a perfect complement to aptitude testing. 

The Employee Personality Profile (EPP) is based on the globally-endorsed “Big Five” or “Five Factor” model of personality, and assesses traits that remain fairly stable throughout a person’s life. It gives you objective, scientific and highly useful information about how a candidate will behave at work.

While this is valuable information, it’s also critical to know whether a candidate has the right personality to succeed in a specific role. That’s why the EPP includes a range of benchmarks – sets of traits that predict success in a role – that you can compare your candidates against. So if you’re hiring for a sales manager, you can see if your candidates have the right mix of traits like achievement, extroversion, and goal-orientation. Or if you need to hire a customer service rep, you can use a benchmark that includes traits such as cooperativeness and patience.

And if you're trying to identify candidates whose work preferences align with the work environment, consider including an alignment test. 

The Workplace Alignment Assessment (WAA) measures the degree of alignment between a candidate’s work preferences and the environment your organisation provides. Every candidate is looking for something different in their ideal workplace, and every organisation offers a different working environment. When employees feel that their most important workplace needs are met by their employer, they’re more likely to remain engaged and committed, and stay for longer.

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ASK Reduces Turnover by 59% and Raises the Bar on Quality of Hire

One call centre was able to dramatically reduce turnover and improve customer service by using the Employee Personality Profile in combination with an aptitude test.



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