Criteria Basic Skills Test (CBST)


  • Job readiness
  • Trainability
  • Learning ability
  • Attention to detail
score report for CBST

About the CBST

The Criteria Basic Skills test measure skills to assess job-readiness, trainability and core skills. The CBST is designed to help you identify candidates with the basic maths and verbal skills required to succeed in a variety of roles so you can hire people who will be able to learn quickly and perform well. This timed assessment gives candidates 20 minutes to answer a total of 40 questions.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Entry-Level Roles

Looking for job-ready candidates? This assessment offers an easy way to identify top-notch candidates who will learn the ropes quickly. Almost every role requires basic maths, grammar, spelling and language skills. The Basic Skills Test (CBST) gives you a leading edge when hiring for entry-level roles, by helping you to determine which candidates possess these critical skills and are more likely to learn quickly, solve problems and be good performers.

  1. Test Verbal Skills – Candidates are assessed across basic verbal skills, including reading comprehension, grammar, attention to detail, spelling, and punctuation.

  2. Test Maths Skills – Assess competency in basic quantitative skills, including arithmetic and numerical problem-solving.

Sample CBST Question:

Choose the word that completes the sentence correctly.

In recent years poker has ___________ quite popular.

  1. became
  2. become
  3. becoming
  4. becomes
  5. becomed

Answer: B

Useful and Immediate Report Data

The CAST report is designed for easy interpretation by hiring managers, and provides powerful information about each candidate’s basic verbal and maths skills, including:

  • Raw Score: indicating the number of questions answered correctly.

  • Sub Scores: indicating the candidate’s specific results across verbal and maths tasks

Suggested score ranges by position: see how your candidates measure up against the optimal score ranges for a broad range of specific jobs, including administration, collections, customer service, drivers, receptionists, manufacturing, sales assistants, security guards, and warehouse staff.

You’ll receive each candidate’s test results as soon as they complete their assessment.

Robust Validation

We’ve conducted numerous validation studies that have demonstrated the value of the CBST as an effective predictor of performance across a broad variety of jobs requiring verbal and maths skills. For example, a market research firm found strong correlations between scores on the CBST and manager ratings of overall productivity. Another study found significant links between CBST scores and the job performance of retail sales assistants.

Supervisor Rating by CBST chart